About our agency

Short Story About Our Company

It’s a good question. Often the first we get asked. And I wish there was a really fascinating story behind the name. Maybe it’s all the talk of hats in the SEO world? Maybe it is the multi-discipline nature of digital marketing and the many hats this one Bowler Hat symbolises? Certainly, it is a strong and memorable symbol. One that is essentially Canada.

A symbol forever tied to business and being a gentleman – values we believe in. Maybe the power is that it always gets folks to ask the question. Conversations and relationships are at the heart of digital marketing, so it works.

We utilize agile project management and tackle work in short cycles, constantly looking for improvements – this key strategy enables almost continuous improvement and the ability to pivot if a tactic is not delivering.

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    Feb, 2006
    Foundation of the Company

    Founded in 2006, we’re a team of 12 digital experts based midway between Toronto and Vancouver .

    We’ve delivered over 400 diverse and successful websites and continue to support them today with effective digital marketing and excellent customer services.

We Work for Your Profit

– Digital Marketing Simplified

Our mission is clear – we simplify the fast-moving world of digital marketing

We combine strategic thinking with expert knowledge of SEO, PPC, Social Media and Content Marketing. We help you set bold yet achievable goals and then plan, manage, and optimise your digital marketing campaigns.


Highly Credible

– We Know Our Stuff

Our team are well known and respected in the SEO and digital marketing world. From our frequent contributions to industry press, through to our qualifications in the key digital marketing certification programs, we stay ahead of the curve and are focused on learning. This academic knowledge, along with our daily experience in the digital marketing trenches, ensures our consultants can talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk.


How We Work

– Our Process

Our first job is to get an understanding of your marketplace and business objectives and form a clear marketing strategy. We then identify the digital marketing tactics that are best suited to your goals and formulate an action plan with a set of measurements to track to understand what success looks like.


Our Vision

Through data-driven research and meticulous planning, we unlock the strategies and tactics that will drive success and growth for your business. We become a trusted partner and your very own digital marketing department with over 10 years of combined marketing experience.